Alumni Association

Introduction :

Alumni represent the most promising and trusted source for growth of a business school. Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Alumni Association has a similar purpose. The association wants to play an active role in the development of the institute. Having a long history in the field of management education, the institute has a vast pool of alumni. Today, the institute’s alumni are in a position to give back to the institute. The association will also make efforts to develop camaraderie among the different batches and also nurture a sense of belongingness towards the institute.

Aim & Objectives :

The major objectives behind the alumni association are :

  • To help the ongoing batches with their summer – internships
  • To act as a guide and mentor in order to develop better professionals and human beings
  • To provide students with an insight about the real – corporate world and help in developing an appropriate attitude among them to attain success
  • To act as a resource person for several events organized by the institute
  • To provide scholarships to the needy and deserving students
  • To help the students with their placements
  • To work with the academic staff of the institute and update them about the latest developments in the industry
  • To actively participate in the teaching process and provide inputs about the contemporary certifications and education necessary for the growth of students

Ultimately, to help the institute grow into a better place for learning and research.

Executive Committee :

Sr. No. Name of Member Education Qualification Profession Post
1 Dr. Sudhir Fulzele B.E, MBA, Ph.D. Academician President
2 Pranay Parashar B. Com, MBA Academician Working President
3 Jyotsna Golhar B.E, MBA Academician Secretary
4 Prafulla Jawanjal MBA Academician Treasurer
5 Manish Tibdiwal B.E, MBA Investment Consultant Member
6 Sarang Gedam MBA Investment Banker Member
7 Ambarish Deshpande MBA Banker Member
8 Rupendra Sorte MBA Service Member
9 Pallavi Dasarwar B.E, MBA Business Analyst Member
10 Muktai Chauhan B.A, MBA Academician Member
11 Imran Khan MBA Investment Banker Member