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Membership of Professional Bodies

DAIMSR recognizes that maintaining professional membership can be a key milestone in boosting organization’s growth.

National Human Resource Development Network

About NHRDN :

The National HRD Network is an association of professionals committed to promoting the HRD movement in the country and enhancing the capability of human resource professionals in order to enable them to make an impactful contribution to enhancing competitiveness and creating value for society. Towards this end, National HRD Network is committed to the development of human resources through education, training, research and experience sharing. The network is managed by HR professionals in an honorary capacity, stemming from their interest in contributing to the HR profession.

Key Objectives :

  • The title of the paper must be written in Bold Capital Letters using 12 pt Times New Roman Font. Although all sub-headings (e.g. abstract, introduction, objective, methodology, findings and conclusion should also be in capital letters using 12 pt Times New Roman Font. They should not be written in bold letters.
  • All authors will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail after the receipt of the full papers.
  • All papers will be scrutinized by the Editorial committee. If the full paper is not complying the conditions mentioned in the broacher then a mail will be send to those authors and the authors should make the necessary changes as mentioned. All the tables and figures should be incorporated into the body of the paper.

General Guidelines

  • To help stimulate positive forces for humanizing system and organization in national life and to enable people to contribute their best.
  • To augment knowledge and skills relevant to HRD, its philosophy, processes and implementation, through exploration and experimentation.
  • To generate, acquire and continuously develop new knowledge and skills related to HRD through research and development.
  • To build a rigorous, scientific storehouse of knowledge and skills for HRD.
  • To disseminate HRD knowledge and skills among HRD professionals and practitioners, and share information and experiences relating to HRD.
  • To strengthen the HRD movement in the country by :
    (a) Drawing the attention of chief executives of different organizations, agencies and Government departments to HRD philosophy and processes and their benefits; and
    (b) Assisting organizations and agencies in designing and implementing HRD systems, evaluating the impact of HRD systems and processes, and feeding back the results for improvement.
  • To break new ground for the HRD movement in terms of coverage of different human systems and organizations based on national needs as well as innovative approaches and technologies.
  • To develop and maintain standards of professional excellence in HRD. To act as a clearinghouse for all referrals related to HRD activities in the country.

National Conferences :

The National HRD Network organizes a National Conference attended by management professionals from the private and public sectors, representatives from academia and the NGO sector, management consultants, self employed professionals and students. These National Conferences were held since 1985, once every two years until 2006, after which they are now held every year. Each National Conference focuses on a theme and is addressed by eminent industry leaders and academicians from India and abroad. They also provide an excellent forum for sharing and networking. DAIMSR actively participates in all the conferences held by NHRDN.


Membership of Professional Bodies

Dr. Ambedkar Institute Of Management Studies & Research (DAIMSR), Nagpur is always forefront institute in furnishing the young graduates with entrepreneurial skills. DAIMSR is the key member of Vidarbha Industries Association which plays a vital role in growth and development of industries.

Vidarbha Industries Association

About VIA :

Established in 1964, the VIA is an premier organization for the promotion and development of industries. It is a pioneer regional industries association recognized by Government.

VIA is affiliated to FCCI, AIMO, MEDC, CII etc... In order to formulate policies for rapid industrialization, VIA is in the continuous interaction and dialogue with all the department of Central Government, State Government, Local Government, Banks and various financial institutes.

Key Objectives :

  • To encourage and stimulate industrialists from India and abroad to establish units in Vidarbha.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, various educative programmes on various topics on functional and related interest of entrepreneurs.
  • To generate, acquire and continuously develop project ideas from Entrepreneurs.
  • To act as catalyst between industries and educational / research institutes for optimum utilization of knowledge and skill.
  • To disseminate exchange of information and opinion of interest to the industries.
  • To devise and implement various schemes in order to encourage women and young entrepreneurs.
  • To develop and maintain comprehensive database and technology and information related to industry for the members.

Other Initiatives

In addition to promotion of industries in this region, Vidarbha Industries Association has been promoting various activities like encouraging Lady Entrepreneurs, encouraging Young Entrepreneurs, liaison between University Colleges and Industries by forming separate Forums, Wings and Cells.

VIA has entered into the Memorandum of Understand (MoU) with the National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC), New Delhi to promote and help SSI Units in their technological development.

  • Agro & Rural Development
  • Economic Forum
  • Energy Cell
  • Export Import (EXIM) Forum
  • Lady Entrepreneurs Wing
  • Marketing Forum
  • Quality Management Forum
  • Science, Technology, Environmental & IT Forum
  • Textile & Garments (TEXGAR) Wing

Rotaract Club of DAIMSR Fort

The Rotaract Club of DAIMSR fort was installed on 5th October 2010 by the hands of President of Rotary club of Nagpur Dr.Gulzarwar. About 480 students were benefitted with the membership of the club.

The Object of Rotaract Club

The Object of Rotaract Club is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster :

  • FIRST - The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;
  • SECOND - High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;
  • THIRD - The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life;
  • FOURTH - The advancement of understanding, goodwill and peace.

Activities Under the Club

  • Cyclethon - The cyclethon was conducted with the aim to highlight all the valuable aspects of cycling in the form of Viable mode of Transport, Environment Friendly Activity,Cycling for Health & Fitness, to protect Cycling as a Sport.
  • Tree Plantation - Our Tree Plantation Programme aims to motivate community for improving the surrounding. The underlying realization is that "each one of us is responsible for the current state of the degraden environment in the country and globe and we cannot wait for someone else to solve it."

Alchemy ERP Academy

The leading management institute in Nagpur Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research (DAIMSR), Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur has collaborated with Alchemy ERP Academy for Lighthouse ERP™ is a business system software based on Oracle back-end (6i and 10g) and front-end (Oracle developer) technology. The ERP business application automates the fundamental processes of an organization so as to ensure smooth flow of information across departments and ensures an MIS which is not only accurate but also up-to-date. These modules deliver integrated functionality and have been developed to incorporate the industries’ best practices to give you the optimum return on your IT investment.

Lighthouse's biggest strength for its clients has been its complete commitment & dependability. No project begins before a complete understanding of the client’s business and then customizing the entire solution to his needs.

Taking professional ERP training can help in enhancing professional stature and boost career possibilities. Alchemy ERP Academy aims to bridge the divide between industry requirements and available skill sets by imparting hands on & real life case studies training.

In short, being certified and accredited by ERP Academy School not only ensures your safety but also enables you to take advantage of various job opportunities in this field.


Public Health Institute (PHI), Nagpur is an Apex-training institute of Maharashtra. PHI was established as per GR No. PHI/ 1057(B) dated 9th February 1959.It has technical as well as administrative control over six Regional Health and Family Welfare Training Centres in the State of Maharashtra.

Public Health Institute, Nagpur is situated at about 5 Kms from Railway Station, Airport & Bus station. Nagpur, the second capital of Maharashtra is a cosmospolitan city. Centrally located and well – connected with four metropolitan cities and other major cities of India by road, railway and air. Better known as the ‘Orange City’, Nagpur is one of the cleanest cities of India and a recipient of ‘ City Award’.

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research (DAIMSR) has an association with PHI since last 2 years, various programme on organizational behavior, organization culture and financial management of public health institutions have conducted by DAIMSR, resource persons for this programme are the eminent faculty members of the institute.

Britt World Wide - BWW

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research was started in 1987 under the aegis of P.P. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Samark Samiti Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur. It is one of the oldest Business Schools in Central India; the institute attracts students from all the corners of country. Being the oldest private institution, DAIMSR enjoys vast patronage from the industry, it has strong linkages with industries. The institute is focused for early success in career, in recognizing individual talents and leveraging it through conscious mentoring and monitoring.


In the growing Indian economy today, employability is one factor, which is proving to be bottleneck in the economy’s future growth. There are more than 360 universities and over 18000 colleges in India. Thousands of Graduates are passing out from the colleges, but studies prove that only 25% of them are employable. This means that 75 graduates out of every 100 are qualified but not employable. This mainly happens because of lack of soft-skills, grooming, people skills and self-development, which limits the ability of a person to be effective in personal life, business or job.

BWW under the vision and guidance of Bill & Peggy Britt have taken up soft skills training for students in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative along with its Top Leadership, this is inline with the mission of Britt Worldwide – Empowering People around the World! We are contributing back to the society.

From gatherings & interactions, we have realized that there are large numbers of people in our existing population who are doing work that has a CSR element in it, with their own initiative, by getting inspired by the teachings of Britt Worldwide.

For all the good work done, we intend to recognize & appreciate all such contributions made by individuals to the society. The purpose is to enlighten many more people in this mission. Therefore, our institute has decided to invite BWW .We are confident that this will be a very meaningful step in fulfillment of our mission.

Programme Objectives :

  • Develop the skill of probing to uncover the real aspects from a candidate
  • Determine if there is a match between the individual and the job.
  • Understand what to look for when screening a resume.
  • Follow a structured process of interviews.
  • When is follow up probes needed?
  • Build and maintain interview rapport.
  • Understand the questions an employer can not ask in an interview and why.
  • Learn about the different phases of an interview and the role of the interviewer in each phase.
  • Learn about using interview an effective tool to uncover the different aspects of the participant.

Key Takeaways :

  • Hiring processes of an organization
  • Personal accountabilities to the organization.
  • Competent on CV and phone screening.
  • On campus interviewing
  • Offer made, accepted, file completed.
  • Start / New employee.

DAIMSR is in continuous process in organizing various MDPs, FDPs, and SDPs for enhancement of various skills of Managers, Academicians, and Corporate. In the upcoming years such workshops, seminars will be organized for the up gradation of self and organization as a whole.