Brand Management

(Duration : 7 Days)

» Introduction

Brand Communication is one of the key issues in marketing today. Brands outlast products if managed properly. In the highly competitive and fragmented market, positioning a brand is toughest task for the brand managers.

» Objectives

The programme aims at enhancing the thinking skills of the participants. Brand Communication precedes preparing a commercial, what thinking goes in preparing a message, which elements need to be taken into account and how to leverage consumers/prospects understanding of various objects into brand communication, are major objectives of the programme.

» Contents

  • Day 1 Concept of "Selfishness"
  • Day 2 Basic Operations of Interest
  • Day 3 Short stories and basic elements
  • Day 4 Functional Links
  • Day 5 Perception and pattern
  • Day 6 Brand Personality Framework

» Resource Person

  • Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar