Competency Mapping

(Duration : 5 Days)

» Introduction

People and their competencies have become the most significant factors that give a competitive edge to any corporation. The future is going to be that of competent people and competency based organizations. HR professionals and HR practices can contribute a great deal to develop competency based organizations. This certificate programme aims at building the competencies of those who have a role to play in building competency based organizations.

» Objectives

To provide conceptual knowledge and; more importantly practical skills on competency mapping with following objectives :

  • To develop professional competence (knowledge and skills) to map the competencies for one’s own role
  • To design and conduct competency mapping exercise for a set of roles in one’s own organization
  • To learn to design competency model for one’s organization

» Highly recommended for following job profiles

  • HR Generalist
  • Payroll Managers/Supervisors and Assistance
  • Accounts Managers and Assistants
  • Accounting staff dealing with or supervising the payroll function
  • Personnel Officers and Staff
  • HR Managers and Officers

» Contents

Day 1 - Introduction to Competency Mapping

  • What is Competency Mapping?
  • Components
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Attitudes
    • Aptitudes
  • Types
    • Threshold Competencies
    • Differentiating Competencies
    • Generic or Key Competencies
    • Functional or Technical Competencies
    • Leadership or Managerial Competencies
  • Views against Competencies
  • Why competencies are needed if JD is there?

Day 2 - Methods of Conducting Competency Mapping

  • In Basket Exercises
  • Stress Interviews
  • Structured Group Discussion
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Case Studies
  • Peer Coaching & Counselling Exercises
  • Focused Behavioural Event Interview
  • Presentation Vision / Strategy Speeches
  • Leaderless Group Exercises
  • Role Play
  • Business Games

Day 3 - Models & Process of Competency Mapping

  • Models of Competency Mapping
    • ‘Organizational’ Approaches Model
    • ‘HR Systems’ Approaches Model
    • ‘Team’ Approaches Model
    • ‘Individualistic’ Model
  • How do we develop competency framework?
    • Source of information, business plans, job description performance appraisals and learning need analysis, Quan competency framework
    • Job analysis, generic frameworks and other methods
    • Developing framework for five unique roles in the department & How to map Competencies

Day 4 - Competency based HR Functions

  • Competency based Recruitment and Selection
  • Competency Based Performance Appraisal
  • Competency Based Succession & Career Planning
  • Competency Based Compensation and Benefits
  • Competency based Training & Development
  • Reassess competencies and evaluate ROI

Day 5 - Test and Evaluation

  • Objective test
  • Case study

» Inclusions

  • Handouts
    • Questionnaires
    • Formats
    • Certificate and HR Manual

» Learnings and Take Aways

  • Build a competency model based on the nature and need of their organization.
  • Map the competency of employees.
  • Integrate and use the Competency Model in various HR practices.
  • Use the competency data for further growth of the employees.

» Enclosures

  • Handouts
  • Formats

» Certificate Contributors

  • Prof. Sachin Panchabhai
  • Prof. Rashmi Gupta
  • Prof. Smruti Patre
  • Prof. Jyotsna Golhar