Consumer Behaviour

(Duration : 6 Days)

» Summary of Module Content

It is the need of the hour for any business to understand its consumers thoroughly to stay close to the consumers and remain profitable in the market .As in today's era customer satisfaction is in the back step and customer delight has become the primary objective. A delighted customer is the main recurrent profit of the organization.

» Module Aims

To enable students to understand and analyse the key theories, models and factors which influence consumer behaviour and apply them to the development of marketing strategies and the marketing mix within an international context.

» Certification Agenda

This module emphasizes the centrality and breadth of consumption in contemporary consumers' lives. Students will also be challenged to reflect on their own experience as consumers. Throughout the course, students will be required to examine how facets of consumer behaviour can drive and inform managerial decision-making in the marketplace.

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Perception
  • Targeting customers
  • Socio Economic Classification
  • Buyer’s Decision Process
  • Future Indian Consumer

» Certification Objectives

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Perception
  • Integrated Marketing Communication related to Consumer Behaviour
  • Socio Economic Classification
  • Buyer's Decision Process
  • The Future Indian

» Contents

Day 1

  • What is Consumer Behaviour?
  • The 6 W's of Consumer behavior
  • Need to understand Consumer behavior and its Importance to marketers
  • Case of Ford Motors Ltd.
  • Failure to anticipate consumer behavior
  • Launch of branded jewellery by Titan
  • Brand Failure – Crystal Pepsi and Pepsi Blue
  • Socio-Economic Classes in Urban/Rural India

Day 2

  • What is Perception & its Elements?
  • Selective perception filters
  • Three Pricing Strategies Focused on Perceived Value
  • Price/Quality Relationship
  • Perceived Risk
  • How Consumers Handle Risk
  • Successful Relationships
  • Traditional Marketing Concept Vs. Value and Retention Focused Marketing

Day 3

  • What is Target Market?
  • What is Positioning?
  • What is Marketing communications?
  • Elements of the marketing communications mix
  • Major Objectives of Marketing communications
  • A Communications Model
  • Developing the Advertising Program
  • An Enhanced Adoption Process Model

Day 4

  • What is socio economic classification?
  • Modern socio economic classification
  • Urban/Rural SEC grid
  • Why is it Important for Marketers to know about Families and Households?
  • How Household Influence Consumer Behavior?
  • Changing Trends in Households
  • Eight Roles in the Family Decision-Making Process
  • The Family Life Cycle

Day 5

  • Buyer's Decision Process
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Post purchase Evaluation
  • Female life style types
  • Male life style types
  • Life style profile of Indian children
  • 7 identifiable types of Indian housewives

Day 6

  • Vedic lifestyle profiling
  • Market Predictions
  • Profiling the consumer classes of India
  • The Great Indian Pyramid
  • Evolving Indian Consumer
  • The Indian Consumer's Changing Spending Patterns
  • Emerging Trends