“Aavend” – The rising of goodness

We are presenting you this magazine called “Aavend- Rising of goodness”, which is the monthly magazine of DAIMSR, initiated in the month of May 2010.

Our goal is to create a new forum for exchange of information on all aspects of management. Aavend is the platform for students to demonstrate their talents, creativity and prove their worth. We encourage you to submit original research notes as well as opinions, technical reports, and short communications in the general area of management or social issue.

We also appreciate the contribution in the form of management stories, learnings from corporate world, or jokes etc. for the conquering voyage called Aavend.

So come and join the mission of rising of goodness through the gizmo called “Aavend” by the splendid contributions.

The suggestions, comments and contribution are welcome on the e-mail id : aavend.daimsr[at]gmail.com