DAIMSR believes in e3 to p3 for Faculties and Students

DAIMSR emphasizes on the importance of teaching excellence, student engagement, and learning outcomes.

Approach for Faculties : e3

DAIMSR believes in holistic approach for faculty development as the theory/practice of facilitating improved faculty performance in a variety of domains including institutional, intellectual, personal, social, and pedagogical through three approaches: Educate, Empower and Elevate.

Educate: DAIMSR believes that faculties should be able to be fascinated into the world of thoughts and knowledge. This is done by active participation of faculties in various National and International Conferences, Workshops, Training and Development programmes.This enables the faculties to stay updated and disseminate the knowledge to students.

Empower: DAIMSR believes in empowering the faculties to harness their unique talents and skills and promote their professional growth. The empowered faculties are motivated to work in challenging workplace and take initiatives and strategic decisions promoting organizational growth.

Elevate: DAIMSR believes that by educating and empowering the faculties, they get elevated for teaching, research and overall development.

Approach for Students : p3

DAIMSR believes in integrated educational efforts directed at developing both intellect And Character of students through three approaches: Presence, participation and progress.

Presence: DAIMSR focuses on presence of every student in every major or minor event, activities of the institution. This is the key to commencement of the students developmental aspects.

Participation: DAIMSR believes that students participation in every internal and external events and activities is the path to reach developmental goal.

Progress: DAIMSR believes that being present and participating in every event, students necessarily progress towards their holistic development.