Effective Payroll Management

(Duration : 6 Days)

» Introduction

One of the integral parts of HR is Payroll. Timely and accurate salary and wages calculation coupled with Statutory Compliance is automatically expected. The task of payroll becomes complicated in today's industries due to multiple statutory requirements, MIS requirements, calculations based on slabs and formulas and other HR policies. Though the customized softwares are available to make payroll management easy but the recordkeeping and its analysis is the primary step for both traditional and automated payroll system. This workshop gives an insight on effective payroll management and all its components.

» Objective

Attending this workshop will ensure that you

  • Gain a complete understanding of the role of a payroll administrator
  • Keep up to date with jurisprudence that have an impact on payroll
  • Understand the basic payroll obligations of an employer
  • Learn and minimize the risk of error on employee pay calculations
  • Have the ability to succeed in running an efficient and accurate Payroll function

» Highly recommended for following job profiles

  • HR Generalist
  • Payroll Managers/Supervisors and Assistance
  • Accounts Managers and Assistants
  • Accounting staff dealing with or supervising the payroll function
  • Personnel Officers and Staff
  • HR Managers and Officers

» Contents

Day 1 - An Introduction to Payroll

  • Find out what makes up a Payroll function and need of the same
    • Components of payroll
  • Look at the different types of organizational Payroll functions
    • Sector wise payroll management
  • Examine the common structure of a Payroll function
    • Salary statement analysis

Day 2 - Record Keeping – Operating the Payroll Function More Effectively

  • Payroll Records and Attendance management
    • Analysis of various attendance formats
    • Preparation and compilation of monthly reports,weekly reports
    • Personal file and Master File analysis

Day 3 - Calculation of Gross and Net Pay

  • Learn the techniques on minimizing the risk of error in computing for payroll.
  • Know how to effectively manage leaves, absences and tardiness, and overtime pay.
  • Know the statutory requirements for payroll administration and how to categorize workers.

Day 4 - The Essential Payroll Tax Update for the Payroll Professional

  • Changes to tax rates and associated amendments makes employee tax an increasingly challenging area.
  • Getting it wrong can be a costly mistake so ensure that you comply with all tax implications and gain a thorough understanding of the requirements.

Day 5 - Practical orientation in Effective Payroll Management

  • Actual Industry payroll in practice
  • Industry expert

Day 6 - Test and Valedictory Function

  • Test
    • Objective test on entire module
    • Designing Payroll system-dummy companies
  • Certificate

» Inclusions

  • Handouts
    • Questionnaires
    • Formats
  • Certificate

» Learnings and Take Aways

  • This workshop will enable the students to manage payroll effectively.

» Certificate Contributors

  • Prof. Sachin Panchabhai
  • Prof. Rashmi Gupta
  • Prof. Smruti Patre
  • Prof. Jyotsna Golhar