Export-Import Procedures and Documentation

Duration : 16 Days

» Introduction

The city of Nagpur in central India is fast developing into a transportation and logistics hub of national and International Importance. The setting up of MIHAN (Multimodal International Hub Airport at Nagpur) project and a SEZ (Special Economic Zone) is expected to create thousands of Jobs for the youth in this region. Many of the firms which have already started operating or are planning to start operations in near future are in the business of Imports, Exports and Logistics. It is therefore, very important that MBA students from this region should have a practical knowledge and skills in the domain of International Business.

» Objectives

  • To acquaint the participants with various Export-Import norms, procedures and documentation.
  • To impart practical knowledge of the EXIM procedures.
  • Encourage participants to start own entrepreneurial venture in this domain.

» Highly recommended for following job profiles

  • Management Trainee – Logistics.
  • EXIM Documentation.
  • Opportunities with Export houses and CHA.
  • Own entrepreneurship ventures.

» Course Contents

DAY – 1 (Prof. Vijay Joshi)

Introduction in brief present situation in International Trade of India, contribution of major sectors to Foreign Exchange, commodities to be exported from India with special reference to Vidarbha, present players in the field of Export-import from Vidarbha (Special reference to Nagpur). What do you meant by Logistics how it is different than supply chain, role of Logistics in supply chain, Discuss a case let of "CONCOR" and special relevance of "ETA" in Nagpur. Changing environment of "MIHAN" entry of various MNC's in EOU and SEZ in MIHAN In the recent past.

DAY – 2 (Prof. Vijay Joshi)

A step Forward : Export/ Import. How one can go about! A brief outline of various Institutions available to help an enter pruner to start their own export house. Chamber of Commerce, Commodities Boards, MSME, ECGC, DGFT, Customs, Pollution Board, Shipping Lines, CHA's etc., the preliminary procedures.

DAY – 3 (Mr. Rajesh Kalla)

What is Central Excise Duty, : Article 246 (1) empower central to make law 246 (3) empowered state to make law. Duty leviability and collection as per Act 3. Of CETA. Difference between Manufacture and Produced. Awareness about CENVAT and Service Tax.

DAY – 4 (Prof. Sachin Panchabhai)

What are salient features of Export-Import Policy (2009-14), special emphasis on the benefits for Exports and Imports with regards to 100% EOU, SEZ, Apparel park, etc.

DAY – 5 (Prof. Vijay Joshi)

Detail overview of Policy and various schemes. Deemed Exports.

DAY – 6 (Mr. Rajesh Kalla)

Export/Import documentation; Broad concept of Export and Import Documentation. Export : IEC code, RCMC, COO, GSP, Invoice , Packing list, ARE-1, Filing of shipping bill, Concor and shipping concepts, Obtaining “LET” export order. UCP-600, INCO TERMS.

DAY – 7 (Prof. Sachin Panchabhai)

What is Customs Duty : Leviability of custom duty and its componants. It's application in various Imports transactions done by an organizations (A commodities specific approach). A Case let.

DAY – 8 (Prof. Sachin Panchabhai)

Benefits for different commodities under different schemes DFRC, DEPB etc., various assistance extended by ECGC, DGFT to the exporters.

DAY – 9 (Prof. Vijay Joshi)

Concept of "STAR TRADING HOUSE" it's benefits to the exporters.

DAY – 10 (Prof. Vijay Joshi)

IMPORT : Filing of bill of entry, Import manifest, Insurance, Certificate of Origin Invoice, Packing List.

DAY – 11 (Mr. Rajesh Kalla)

Aligned documents : Auxiliary & Regulatory with a special reference to a selected commodity.

DAY – 12 (Prof. Vijay Joshi)

What is Kaizen : Key features and implementation.

DAY – 13 (Mr. D T S Moorthy)

ICD /CONCOR CONCEPT : Dry concept, CHA role, rail out, Role of shipping line, Issue of B/L OR AWB., Transference copy, (Port to ICD) Issue of mate receipt.

DAY – 14 (Mr. Rajesh Kalla)

Marine Insurance : Importance of marine Insurance. Who and why ?

DAY – 15 (Prof. Vijay Joshi)

What is storing period of keeping Hazardous waste in the factory. Pollution Law.

DAY – 16 (Mr. Rajesh Kalla)

HS code, General information on Harmonized System Code. IT law and Weight and Measurement law, Trade Mark law: Basic overview

» Industry Experts

  1. Mr. Rajesh Kalla – GM Corporate, PIX Transmissions Ltd.
  2. Mr. DTS Moorthy – CEO, Royal Freight Forwarders, Mumbai.

» Contributing Faculty

  1. Prof. Vijay Joshi
  2. Prof. Sachin Panchabhai

» Key Takeaways

The course is designed with the objective of providing a practical insight in the EXIM procedures and Documentation.