Language Laboratory

Duration : 9 Weeks

DAIMSR FAMILY believes good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. If one wants to reach out to people, he or she has to speak their language. The English language, in particular, has become essential in the lives of young people who aspire to advance their careers anywhere in the world. English language learning has therefore become a must for any Indian student today. Language learning is not the same as learning any other subject. It is not confined to writing an examination and getting a degree or award. The four skills of READING, WRITING, LISTENING and SPEAKING have to be practiced. Being able to communicate well is the most important factor when seeking a placement in a company or institution. Communication involves one’s ability to listen carefully so as to grasp the meaning and to respond in turn with apt words and clarity of pronunciation. Hence, the institute conducted a certification course in English language.

Schedule for the English Laboratory.

Week 1: Foreword


  • Learning to give an introduction
  • Manner of seeking information and giving an introduction of others.
  • As this was the first week and the students were new to some faculties, this session indulged in seeking a brief introduction of the person and assessing the manner in which he/she delivers it.
  • Also it dealt with checking the social quotient, with other students, post the re-shuffling, students were assessed on the amount of matter collected within a span of 15 minutes, and the way they introduced their partner to the class.

Week 2: A Brief Presentation on Introduction

Objective:· To highlight the major elements, and how a Formal Introduction should entail.

This session was majorly, to highlight the know’s essentially to be followed while giving a formal introduction, which would be of help, at the interview level as well as at the time of socializing.

Week 3: Extempore

Objective:Presentation skills

During the session, the students were given a topic a week prior, which required them to prepare, rehearse and present the topic, as an extempore front of the class. This extempore aimed to enhance a student’s presentation skills of presenting to an audience, in terms of the verbal and non verbal cues. Each student was given individual topics of which care was taken that no topic be repeated. This extempore was video- shot and thereafter, shown to the class, wherein after the feedbacks given by the faculties, even the students were requested to share in the same, each feedback given by the students were also carefully monitored. This gave a reality check of the student’s fluency level.

Week 4: Articles & Tenses

Objective:·Learning the usage of articles

  • Identify and Improve their understanding of the differences, structure among the various question forms
  • To focus on using related verb tenses during conversation

Week 5: Public Speaking

Objective:· Presentation skills

This session aims at rectifying an providing an insight of a proper code, to be developed while addressing an audience. It intends to include details, like the design of the talk, fluency enhancement.

Week 6: Writing Efficiency

Objective:· Development of writing skills.

This session would emphasize on the written word communication, drafting of letters, as well as facsimile messages. Special prominence would be rendered to the drafting of Job prospective letters.

Week 7: Etiquettes Building

Objective:· Personality Development with reference to basic code of etiquette.

This would be an endeavor to highlight the personality skills, with due emphasis on overall etiquette, entailing dressing, and the gait of a person.

Week 8: Extempore

Objective: Application of the teaching.

As this would be the second last week of the English Laboratory, the students would be checked through an on spot extempore, their assimilated pointers, imbibed during this nine week schedule.

Week 9: Phonetics

Objective: Emphasis on intonation

In a bird’s view

As mentioned above communication plays a pivotal role in shaping one’s future, and gearing; him ready for the competitive world outside that awaits him.

Therefore the focus of the module aimed to enhance the four key abilities of our future managers, namely reading, writing, listening and speaking.

In a nut shell, this module strives to impart soft skills in a complete package encompassing all the vital entities of the same.