Marketing Research

(Duration : 8 Days)

» Introduction

Marketing Research is the fundamental stage in any marketing activity and is the lifeblood of any businesses. But even the best business plans will go wrong if the Marketing Research skills are not up to delivering the volume of direction and information at the time it is needed.

» Objectives

This Certification course will build a good foundation for the participants who are entering into the field of marketing. It is for anyone who requires the knowledge and skills to work as a competent, professional salesperson also. How to identify the right target market is taught in this course. The principles of effective selling are clearly explained and delegates are shown with the help of Role Plays & Clippings how to apply the principles in face-to-face situations with customers.

» Contents

Day 1 - Introduction

  • Basics, need and utility of M.R.
  • Difference between Market Research and Marketing Research
  • Process of M.R

Day 2 - Elements of M.R

  • Problem Definition
  • Research approach
  • Defining the variables
  • Class Activity on the above

Day 3 - Hypotheses Construction

  • Types and utility of hypotheses
  • Types of samples, number and size of samples
  • Research Instruments
  • Class activity

Day 4 - Designing the questionnaire

  • Appropriate questions
  • Types of questionnaires
  • Designing the scale
  • Class activity

Day 5 - Workshop

  • Collective workshop on actual process of data collection
  • Various problems faced by data collector and its solution

Day 6 - Interpretative Portion

  • Data Auditing
  • Data tabulation
  • Data Analysis, analytical tools-Statistical & Psychological Tools
  • Correlation of the results with the hypotheses constructed
  • Interpretation of the results

Day 7 - Case study of Lux Purple beauty Soap of HUL

Day 8 - Class Test on above topics (Purely Practical Test)

» Resource Persons

  • Mr. Ravi Boratkar
  • Prof. Aniruddha Bodhankar