Sales & Marketing Management

(Duration : 6 Months (3 Days a Week) - 64 Classes)

Participants : Working Professionals (Sales & Mktg.) / Entrepreneurs / Graduates / Post Graduates

» Introduction

Sales & Marketing are the lifeblood of any businesses, being the only activity that contributes to profit. But even the best business plans will go wrong if the Marketing Team’s Planning & Strategy or Sales team’s selling and Negotiating Skills are not up to delivering the volume of business at the time it is needed.

» Aim

To make Participants acquaint with Sales & Marketing Management Concepts & Skills.

» Objectives

This Certification course will build a good foundation for the participants who are entering into the Dynamic field of Sales & Marketing or for those who are already in this profession & want to grow. It is for those who have a passion to work in the Passionate field of Sales & Marketing Management. It clears your basic concept of Sales & Marketing & Acquaint you with the Professional Qualities to work as a competent, professional salesperson. "How to sell without resorting to high pressure techniques is the essence of professional selling” this philosophy is the foundation of this certification course. The principles of effective Sales &Marketing Management are clearly explained with the help of Role Plays & Clippings.

» Course Contents

Unit 1 (Marketing – Concepts)

  • Introduction of Sales & Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Behavior & STP
  • Marketing Mix
  • Product
  • New Product Development
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Branding

Unit 2 (IMC, Sales Management)

  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Sales/Personal Selling & Training
    • Sales Management Skills

Unit 3 (Retail, Service Mktg. CRM)

  • Retail Management
  • Industrial & Services Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Marketing, Direct, Internet

Unit 4 (Grooming & Development)

  • Role Plays
  • Exam
  • Take Aways:- The programme helps the participants to start or develop their career in the profession of Sales & Marketing.

» Resource Persons

  • Prof. Ajay Gidwani
  • Prof. S. Panchbhai
  • Prof. H. Deshmukh