Teaching Pedagogy

Pedagogy : The science of teaching at DAIMSR

To ensure that management education is able to deal with global, technological and market changes, it is imperative for business schools to use appropriate curricula, course materials and teaching models that are not only up-to-date but also internationally competitive". DAIMSR believes in interactive and participative teaching methodologies.

We believe in leading in Thought and Action. We focus on holistic education for the students aspiring to pursue MBA. One of the core competences of DAIMSR lies in its unique and innovative teaching pedagogy to enable meaningful learning.

Learning at DAIMSR is a blend of distinctive modern multiple methodologies comprising of Constructivism, Comprehensive learning, Conceptual Pedagogy and Internet. It includes knowledge sessions, case discussions, seminars, presentations, group activity, business games, role plays, soft skills training, outbound based experiential learning activities and on-field projects .Aligning with the goal of promoting value-added intellectual contributions, the teaching pedagogies are always kept updated.

  • Case Analysis = Research Projects
  • Role Plays = LIVE Projects
  • Group Discussions = Paper Presentation
  • Situational Exercises = Workshop
  • Simulation Exercises = Industrial Visits
  • Market Surveys = On-line Interactions